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With 30.3 million km2 of land to cover SkyBags offers affordable and convenient services to all 54 countries across Africa. If you are migrating abroad or an expat looking to send your personal effects back home, we have a delivery option to suit your needs and budget.

We will collect your luggage from your UK address and ship to your chosen destination across Africa. Our specialised air freight services allow you to ship high volumes of luggage for low prices to most major airports across the continent. Due to increased demand for shipping personal effects to Africa, our network also offers door to door delivery to certain countries including, South Africa, Egypt and Morocco.

Click on the map below for more information on shipping your personal effects to Africa. For all shipments to Africa you must provide:

  • Completed Detailed Packing List
  • Copy of Recipient (Consignee) Passport

Remember, compliance with country specific regulations is essential.

Where we ship

We offer Door to Airport and Door to Door services to most major destinations across the world, including the Middle East, Africa, America and Australasia. We also offer Road freight services to most European destinations.

Click a location on the map to find out more about shipping with SkyBags.


“Easy to book and customer service team were quick to respond and very helpful in answering any questions I had.”

“Our belongings arrived at our destination safely and early than expected. Easy to book and efficient. Would use again.”

“Collected my bags from the UK and sent them to Kuwait. Excellent service and good prices, would recommend to a friend.”

“Made the process of moving home to South Africa very easy.”

“Sending over 20 boxes to Saudi Arabia. Did not charge for collecting in Glasgow and arrived at my destination on time and with no signs of damage.”