How to get a quotation?

We have two main ways of gaining a quote:

1) Our website has an instant quote calculator. Simply enter your collection postcode and destination and obtain an approximate price for your shipment.

2) If you require more specific information you can call us on 0845 0611612 or email

Can the size of my bag/box or suitcase affect the price?

The size of the parcel can affect the cost of your shipment. In some cases, airlines charge based on the volumetric weight, of your package, if this is greater than the actual weight. This most commonly affects customers shipping one or two large packages.

How far in advance should I book and how soon can you collect?

SkyBags, can collect as soon as 2-3 working days after booking. However, this will depend on your collection address and size of shipment. We advise for urgent matters contacting us directly, by calling 0845 0611612, to book your shipment.

Can you provide packaging materials?

Yes, we provide stronghold cardboard boxes, packaging tape and bubble wrap for purchase. Simply complete the order form during booking and we will have them delivered to you.

Is there anything I cannot send?

There are strict rules and regulations regarding what you cannot send as air freight; including but not limited to dangerous goods, valuable cargo and counterfeit goods. Please refer to our prohibited items list for full details.

Is there a maximum weight per bag, box or suitcase?

Each bag, box or suitcase should not be above 25kg to ensure our drivers are able to collect and lift the packages safely. If boxes are above 25kg please contact us.

Do you offer a wrapping service?

We offer a wrapping service for £7.50 per box, bag or suitcase. Wrapping protects and strengthens your packages; decreases your chances of accidental damage and weatherproofs your shipment. Contact SkyBags for more information.

Do my items need to be labelled?

Yes, we ask all bags, boxes and suitcases are appropriately labelled with the destination and the name and address of consignee at your destination.

What documentation to I need to provide in the UK?

All overseas shipments require a fully completed inventory list. To clear your shipment through customs, you will need complete a detailed inventory of all items packed inside your packages.

Each destination is different, please check the country specific requirements on the government websites or call us on 0845 0611612.

What time will you collect my shipment?

On booking, we cannot confirm a specific time slot. Our drivers will collect anytime between 9am – 6pm on your collection date.

How do customs affect me?

If sending a shipment within the European Union, your shipment will not require a customs clearance.

If your shipment is being sent out with the European Union, you will have to provide an inventory list and declared value for customs to process your shipment.

For all “door to airport” shipments you will have to arrange customs clearance before collecting your shipment. If your shipment contains “new” items or “gifts” duties and taxes may be applied.

How quickly should I collect my shipment from customs?

You should collect your shipment as soon as possible after arrival at the airport. Many airports will charge storage after 24/48 hours.

Please make sure you arrange customs clearance for all “door to airport” bookings.

“Easy to book and customer service team were quick to respond and very helpful in answering any questions I had.”

“Our belongings arrived at our destination safely and early than expected. Easy to book and efficient. Would use again.”

“Collected my bags from the UK and sent them to Kuwait. Excellent service and good prices, would recommend to a friend.”

“Made the process of moving home to South Africa very easy.”

“Sending over 20 boxes to Saudi Arabia. Did not charge for collecting in Glasgow and arrived at my destination on time and with no signs of damage.”