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To adhere to the strict rules and regulations of air freight services, we have generated a list of items which cannot be sent as part of your freight, for any destinations.

Dangerous Goods

Many of these goods may seem to be “harmless” but are regarded as dangerous goods when shipped using air freight services:

Aerosols / Alcoholic Beverages / Ammunition or Guns / Batteries (all kinds) Car Batteries or Parts / Compressed Gas / Drugs (Prescription and Illegal) Fire Extinguishers / Ink / Printer Toner / Juice or Liquids / Nail Polish / Oil / Paint / Perfumes or Aftershaves / Tobacco

Counterfeit Goods

Fake or unauthorized replicas of the real product, including counterfeit currency.

Valuable Cargo

Items with a significant monetary value including:

Cash / Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Travellers Cheques / Stamps Deeds / Tickets / Lottery Tickets / Jewellery / Watches / Diamonds / Precious Stones


The shipment of livestock is not permitted using our services (alive or dead). This is extended to the shipment of all food products and perishable goods.

Waste Materials

Strict anti-dumping laws prevent the shipping of scrap metal and used tyres etc.

Please Note: Each individual country is different when it comes to restricted goods. For full details of what you can/cannot ship to your destination please visit the country’s government website.

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