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At SkyBags every effort is made to ensure the safe arrival of your shipment. We enforce simple packaging requirements to reduce the chances of accidental damage during transit. All customers must comply with these requirements.

Packaging Requirement #1

Belongings must be packed into strong cardboard boxes, suitcases or sports bags. Plastic or used boxes are not permitted.

Packaging Requirement #2

Each box, bag or suitcase must not exceed 30kg.

Packaging Requirement #3

All packages must be securely closed. Boxes must be taped closed along all openings with packaging tape. Bags and suitcases should be secured closed with a cable tie.

Packaging Requirement #4

Please make sure each bag, box or suitcases are labelled with your full name and collection address. We will supply shipping labels that should also be attached.

The length of your fully packaged box should not exceed 1.6m with the sum of the width and height not exceeding 1.2m (i.e. when you add the width and height together they should not be more than 120cm). On all Express services items over 120cm in length will incur an additional charge.

Please note our drivers can refuse to collect your shipment or your goods may be rejected and returned from the collecting depot or sorting hub if the goods are not packed appropriately or individual packages exceed the maximum 30kg weight.

SkyBags can supply suitable packaging before we collect, simply add what you need during booking.

SkyBags Boxes

Items you cannot send with SkyBags include aerosols, perfumes, nail polishes, tobacco and money. Please see the restricted items for a full list of what you cannot send.

Volumetric Weight

The cost of your shipment may be affected by the size of your box. The “volumetric weight” of your shipment is a theoretical weight based on the dimensions of your boxes/suitcases. Your chargeable weight is the higher of the actual weight and the volumetric weight.

How do I calculate the volumetric weight?


(L x W x H) in centimetres / 5,000

To calculate the volumetric weight multiple the length x height x width and divide the total number by 5,000.

If this figure is higher than the actual weight of the package, then your price will be based on the volumetric weight.

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